About Lappnäs

The main building at Lappäs was built as an orphanage and was opened by the govenor Abraham Unger in the presence of among others the writer and Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf.

”This home was started by the Sunne children's summercamp society 1927-1928 with the help of generous gifts from local Fryksdal inhabitants  who have emigrated to America, and who hereby have raised a memorial of their love for their old homeland.” This text can be read on a stone plaque on the wall of the dining room at Lappnäs. This was how it all began, with great love from the New World to the Old World. Gradually this type of institution  died out and since 1975 Lappnäs has been a private home for the Asker family. As our guest you will spend time in a pleasant homely environment.

Lappnäs lies in a cultural centre, in magical Sunne in the Fryks valley, and who can describe it better than Selma Lagerlöf? In the first chapter of Gösta Berglings story you can read “The lake has its beginnings way up north, and it is a beautiful place for a lake. The forests and the mountains never stop gathering water for it, cascades and streams rush down to it all year round. It has fine white sand to stretch itself out on, headlands and islands to reflect and observe, elves and forest nymphs have wonderful places to play here, and it expands large and beautiful.  Up north it is happy and friendly: one should see it in the early morning as it lies sleepily under its misty veil, to notice how playful it is. It teases a while , creeping slowly, slowly out from its light veil, so mystically  beautiful, that you can hardly recognise it,  only to suddenly throw off its cover and  lie there exposed and naked and pink and shimmering in the morning light. But all three, the long lake, the fertile lands and the blue mountains, together build the most beautiful landscape, as they do even today. In the same way, the people are strong, brave and talented. They have made much progress in their quality of life and education. May all go well for them, those who live there by the long lake and the blue mountains!”